How it works

Explore our new cutting edge technology cards to usher your school into the digital age.

The Challenge

Students carrying cash to school has for the longest time proven to;

Our school canteen cashless solutions, running on Near field communication technology affordably bring safety, accountability, convenience, faster transactions and a saving culture to the benefits of all stake holders involved.


We seek to improve effeciency transparency and accountability by availing a contactless time saving and seamless solutions for this industry.

Over 90% of students carry physical cash as pocket money, 1 bursar serves nearly 15% of the student population (who save their pocket money with the bursar’s office).

The process of withdrawing can be tedious with usually only 1 day a week allocated to it.

Therefore a solution to help students manage their money better and also save time to focus on their studies.

Advantages of the Omni Student Card


Interoperable Solutions


In the trend with the global move to contactless systems


Presents all necessary information in realtime.


Has multiple functionalities applicable to various school activitites

Time Saving

Cutting down transaction times to seconds

Financial Inclusion

Financial literacy